Awesome Benefits

Here’s What You Get With Membership

Whether you have been writing for years or are just beginning, there are huge advantages to becoming a member. Just take a peek at all the benefits available to Northwest Houston members.

*        Our educational programs and workshops feature guest speakers with a wealth of knowledge in many aspects in the craft of writing. Past workshops have included characterization, motivation, writing a synopsis, world building, pitching to agents, and e-publishing, just to name a few.

*        Outside the box presentations. As writer’s we all know that research is important. What better way than to bring in the experts.  Northwest Houston has hosted interesting, fun, and informative speakers such as a ghost hunter, the FBI, a Voodoo Yoruba priestess, Homeland Security, a fencing master, and more.

*        Networking with authors of all writing skills. We encourage networking and assistance between our members. This builds relationships and support groups with other writers with similar interests that will grow as you grow. These friendships can be a powerful and valuable tool for any writer.

*        Enjoy a reduced entry fee into our annual Lone Star Writing Competition contest. Final round contestants have their entries read by industry agents and editors. Many winners have had requests of full manuscripts and have gone on to publish.

*        Our Lone Star Conference is not to be missed. As a member, you can attend at a reduced rate. Enjoy presentations by highly successful authors or industry leaders, network, promote yourself and have the opportunity to pitch your novel to an editor or agent.

*        You’ll receive our online newsletter The Lone Star Galley. The monthly newsletter is full of informative articles, industry updates and the achievements of our chapter members. You can submit your own articles in The Lone Star Galley, increasing your name recognition since articles are often reprinted in other RWA chapter newsletters. And, you never know who may be reading your article.

*        Throughout the year, members go on scheduled field trips. This is a fun way to do research. Travel to historic sites, wander through museums, and get tours in various professional atmospheres such as police academies. You can even make suggestions on where you’d like to visit.

*       But wait! There’s more! We also feature

Critique Corner Critique Matching Group

The Write Path – a year long competition for the Lone Star Award of Professional Excellence

Grass Roots Marketing – a social media support system

*        At each meeting, we honor your successes, no matter how small. We know how it feels to be validated in this challenging goal we’ve set for ourselves. Applause or a piece of chocolate goes a long way in acknowledging our accomplishments. We make it a point to celebrate YOU!

Come join us!