October Workshop with Kristen Lamb

Date: Saturday, October 5th, 2019
Time: 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
*There will NOT be a business meeting this month
Location: Spring Creek Oaks Clubhouse
6002 Bur Oak Dr.
Spring, TX 77379
Cost: $35 NWHRWA members / $40 nonmembers
Lunch: NWHRWA Chapter Members will provide a potluck lunch
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Join us for a fun and informative all-day workshop with Kristen Lamb! She'll be presenting two sessions: one on the craft of writing and one on building your author brand. Read on for a full description of the exciting day we have planned...

Understanding the Antagonist: How to Write Novels Readers CANNOT Put Down

First, all fiction must have a core antagonist. No opposition, no story. The core antagonist (Big Boss Troublemaker) is the sole reason for the story. No Darth Vader, who cares if Luke ever leaves Tatooine? No Buffalo Bill, and Special Agent Clarice Starling would be riding an F.B.I. desk doing rookie work.

Alas, the term 'antagonist' can be highly confusing. All works have more than one 'type' of antagonist. Antagonists can be villains, but most are not. What is a scene antagonist? How can allies, love interests and generally well-meaning folks can turn your MC's world upside down? How can we use antagonists to layer internal AND external conflict?

This class is going to train you to hit your MC from every available angle. Torture the protagonist and torment the reader. Turn up the heat and crank up the tension and...

Make sure the only GOOD stopping place is at the END of your book.


Social Schizophrenia: Building a Brand WITHOUT Losing Your Mind

In the digital age, it is impossible to sell books---or anything---without first creating and establishing a brand.

But there are so many voices, conflicting opinions, and how do we know which ones to listen to? Often, we lose sense of what we're doing or even why. We're fractured, confused, and paralyzed with anxiety because we can't seem to get a solid footing in a world that shifts and changes daily.

TRUTH: The simplest and most cost-effective way to build a brand is by using social media.

Correction. Using social media WELL.

There are a ton of options.

Facebook, blogging, Pinterest and OMG! INSTAGRAM!

*head explodes*

Authors are tasked with creating the brand (YOU+ BOOKS) then cultivating a thriving, enthusiastic fan base eager to be part of our success...oh, and we have to keep writing books.

Most authors already have a full-time job. Then, writing is at least another full-time if not at least part-time job.

Do we really want to add SEO expert, marketer, promoter, advertising expert, and on-line data analyst to the list of jobs as well?

All authors need a brand, so this class teaches how to locate and cultivate your audience into passionate fans who BUY YOUR BOOKS!

How can you grow your platform and turn your name alone into a bankable asset? Not as hard as you might have been led to believe.

You DO NOT need to be a tech guru/mega-high-pressure-sales person to excel at this. In fact, best you aren't.

Yet, the reality is that in the digital age of commerce, consumers rely on brands more than ever in human history. They're overwhelmed, and we can help them out….by finding US.

Consumers (which is code for readers) buy from who they know, like and trust. In a sea of infinite choices, a powerful NAME is a tremendous asset.

Can you say James Patterson?

The single largest challenge all writers face in the digital age is discoverability and connecting with our audience is a challenge but nothing we can't handle.

This class will address:

What is a brand? How to make one uniquely your own.

How to BE YOU! You're a writer, not an insurance salesman!

Harness your imagination & creativity for better results (No one likes SPAM, so don't serve it!).

How to use this information to locate, engage and cultivate an audience.

Myths about exposure.

Common scams that will wreck your brand and earning ability.

Why most promotion is a waste of money.

A list of expensive and not-so-bright ideas for reaching readers.

Knowing when and HOW to promote.

***And YES, we will address INSTAGRAM.

Overall this class is about working smarter not harder. This class is to teach you to think strategically so all energy is focused. Sure, we have to hustle, but why not hustle and there be an AUTHENTIC PAYDAY for all that hard work?

About Kristen

Kristen is the author of the definitive guide to social media for authors, "Rise of the Machines--Human Authors in a Digital World" in addition to the #1 best-selling books "We Are Not Alone—The Writer's Guide to Social Media" and "Are You There, Blog? It's Me, Writer."

She’s now returned to her first love, fiction. Her mystery thrillers, "The Devil's Dance" and its accompanying novella, “Deadline,” are positive proof she watches way more Discovery ID than is probably healthy.

Kristen has helped hundreds of thousands of writers find success using social media. Her methods are responsible for selling millions of books. She's helped all levels of writers from mega authors to self-published unknowns attain amazing results.

Kristen is the owner of W.A.N.A. International, a global company that’s been offering virtual training all over the world since 2012. Her blog was named one of the 101 Best Web Sites for Writers by Writer's Digest Magazine and currently attracts almost 40 million visitors per year.


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