26th Annual Lone Star Writing Contest Finalists

Contemporary Series

Christmas Serenity – Elizabeth Langston

Heart 2 Heart – CK Lucas

Romance in Ridgecrest – Avery Wynne


Seduction of a Spy – Emmaline Warden

The Righteous Side of Wicked – Jennifer Bray-Weber

Maiden of Dreams – Susan Varno


Spacer’s Third Law – Chris Westcott

The Brass Queen – Elizabeth Chatsworth

Mark of the Gods – Julie Glover and Christina Delay

Inspirational Romance

Third Second Chance – Jayna Breigh

Remember Not – Barbara Fox

Song of the Heart – Angela Couch

Romantic Suspense/Intrigue

All Your Broken Pieces – Evie Drae

Written in the Scroll – Caroline Rhame

Free My Heart – Diane Wiggs

Young Adult

The Here and the Gone – Julie Anne Lindsey

Dead End – A. C. Pitones

Tech-No Magic – Mira West

Single Title

The Un-Cruise – Angie Hockman

Learning Curve – Sharon Peterson

What Comes After Four – Miranda Darrow

The Courtship of Valentina – A.G. Starling