Lone Star 2014 Score Sheet

Northwest Houston RWA

2014 Lone Star Writing Contest

Score Sheet

Entry #: _____ Entry Title: _____


Category: ____ Genre: ____

Judge’s Code: _____

Judge Profile:

Published __ RWA Contest Finalist __ Unpublished __ RWA PRO __

Scoring Key:

5 = Excellent, ready to submit

4 = Almost there, needs only a little polishing

3 = Average, needs improvement

2 = Needs substantial reworking

1 = Needs better understanding of specific basic concepts, then extensive reworking

Please provide commentary for a score of 3 or lower. Do not score a 1 without a complete explanation.

Category _____________________________  Total Score ________________
A:   OPENING SCENES:___ 1. Does the story begin with an interesting hook, prompting you to read more?
___ 2. Do you quickly develop a convincing sense of time and place?
Subtotal ___ Comments: __________________________________________

___ 3. Are the character’s descriptions effective? Can you picture them?

___ 4. Are character’s actions/reactions appropriate, consistent, and credible for thegenre?
___ 5. Are main characters sympathetic despite flaws/faults? Are you rooting forthem as the story progresses?
___ 6. Does conflict (internal or external) flow naturally from the character/s or does it seem artificial or forced?
Subtotal ___ Comments: __________________________________________
  C:   PLOT:

___ 7. Is the plot progression building into an interesting story?

___ 8. Are plot elements logical and believable within this genre?
Subtotal ___ Comments: __________________________________________

___ 9. How well does the dialogue match the characters?

___ 10. Does the dialogue read naturally and realistic for the time period and genre? Does it accurately reveal the voices of the characters?
___ 11. Is the narrative clear? How well does it animate the characters, time and place?
___ 12. Does the narrative show rather than tell?
___ 13. Is the pacing effective? Does the pace and amount of backstory fit the action, tone and tension of the story?
Subtotal ___ Comments: ___________________________________________

___ 14. Do you get a vivid picture from the writing? Does the writer use creative figures of speech and at least a few of the five senses?

___ 15. Are points-of-view handled well?
___ 16. Are scene transitions smooth, natural, and logical?
___ 17. Is the entry presented professionally with few typos, good grammar, and generally accepted punctuation?
___ 18. Is the prose dynamic, easily read, and dominated by active verbs?
Subtotal ___ Comments ____________________________________________

___ 19. Is your interest piqued? How much would you want to read more?

___ 20. Overall, how well are the elements woven together to produce a promising story?
Subtotal ___ Comments: __________________________________________________
_______    G:   Grand Total Score (highest possible is 100 points)



Please feel free to include additional comments in the body of the manuscript.