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Anna Lores*
Carla Rossi*
Carrie Pulkinen*
Cheri Jetton*
Colleen L Thompson*
Dana Morales*
Donna Hechler Porter P
Elaine R Gray
Elizabeth Simmons
Erica Thompson P
Heather C. Leigh*
Jami Crumpton*
Janet Clementz
Jennifer Bray-Weber*
Jo Anne Banker P
Joan Reeves*
Judi Thompson*
Judith Russell-Tooth*
Judythe Morgan
Karen Bonds P
Karen Pugh*
Karen Sue Burns*
Kerrelyn Sparks*
Kimberly Ivey*
Lady Cynthia Brynjestad P
Leslie Marshman P
Linda Bennett Pennell
Loretta Wheeler P
Melissa Ohnoutka*
Michelle Renee Potter
Nicole Flockton*
PJ Mellor*
Rhonda L Morrow*
Rob Costelloe
Ruth Kenjura P
Sandra Cortright-Melancon P
Sara Parker*
Sarah Andre*
Stacey A. Purcell*
Susan Breeden*
Susan C Muller*
Suzanne Hay*
Tambra Nicole Kendall P
Teri Thackston*
Terri Molina*
Terry Spear*
Tess St. John*
Valda Kay Copeland P

* Denotes PAN Member
What is PAN?  The purpose of PAN (Published Authors Network) is to establish within the RWA framework a network of communication and support to effectively promote and protect the interests of published romance authors; to open channels of communication between those romance authors and other publishing industry professionals; and to encourage professionalism on all levels and in all relationships within the publishing industry. Membership in the PAN Community of Practice is available only for active RWA members. 
Denotes PRO Member
What is PRO? This program is available to any active RWA General or Honorary member who: (1) is not PAN-eligible and (2) has one complete original work of romance fiction of at least 20,000 words, or multiple complete original works of romance fiction which combine for a total of at least 20,000 words.