Jaye Garland – 2nd VP – Lone Star Contest Coordinator

Posted on Feb 22, 2013 in Board

Jaye Garland – 2nd VP – Lone Star Contest Coordinator

Some authors will tell you they’ve been writing from the day they first held a crayon. Well, other than chubby little fingers, I wasn’t that child.

Instead, I explored my dad’s pastures and creek beds pretending to be Sacajawea, building forts, and waging imaginary war against pirates or invading Vikings. Of course, I was the heroine and my team always won.

Then one day, I scribbled a skeleton plot on the back of an envelope.  I’d made the leap from avid reader to heartfelt writer and resumed living vicariously through characters of my own creation.

Thanks to my very own hero hubby, we’ve traveled the world experiencing real-life adventures, all the while collecting scraps of plots and snippets of characters for my next fictional project.